JSMF Workshop on Plug-and-Play Macroscopes


November 16-17, 2012

Meeting Place:

School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University
1320 E. 10th St., Wells Library, Room LI 030
Bloomington, IN 47405

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Katy Börner

Katy Börner

Victor H. Yngve Professor of Information Science, School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University, Bloomington;
Director, Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center; Curator, Places & Spaces: Mapping Science Exhibit
PR^2 | Introduction

Chin Hua Kong

Chin Hua Kong

Systems Architect/Project Manager, Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center

Workshop Goals & Agenda:

The workshop brings together system architects from major tool development efforts - analogous to

Key goals comprise the

  • identification of core system architectures that support modular software development and scale to BIG data;
  • exchange of know-how but also plugins,
  • discussion of planned work to align (and not duplicate) efforts,
  • possibly joint funding applications.


Friday November 16, 2012
Room: LI 030

12:00pm Welcome by Organizers (Katy Börner & Chin Hua Kong)
12:30pm General Introduction by Participants (5 mins each)
2:00pm Social Networking Break
2:30pm Overview Talks (15-20 mins plus 5 mins discussion each)
Learn about tools’ goals, architectural design decisions, and challenges
4:30pm Social Networking Break
5:00pm Discussion of Opportunities and Challenges
  • Plugin architectures that use Grid/Cloud/Supercomputer environments
  • Analysis workflows for big data
  • Visualizing big data
  • Re-runnable workflows in support of parameter sweeps and replication
  • How to best coordinate development efforts
6:20pm Briefing about Hackathon
6:30pm Joint dinner

Saturday, November 17, 2012
8:00am Breakfast
8:30am CIShell / Sci2: Development Setup
9:00am CIShell / Sci2: Hello World Plugin Guide
9:45am Hackathon Session 1: Form Teams and Brainstorm

10:15am Social Networking Break
10:45am Hackathon Session 2: Implementing a CIShell Plugin

1:00pm Joint Lunch
1:30pm Showcase Hackathon Results
2:30pm Social Networking Break
2:45pm Collaboration Opportunities
4:00pm Adjourn

Invited Participants

Justin Almquist Justin Almquist
Senior Software Engineer, National Security Directorate, Software Engineering & Architectures
No Image Pavel Anaschenko
Megaputer Intelligence
Nick Benik Nick Benik
Harvard University
Joseph Cottam Joseph Cottam
Open Systems Lab/ Computer Science Department, Indiana University
Paul Girard Paul Girard
Michael McLennan

Michael McLennan
Senior Research Scientist, Purdue University

Jason Montojo Jason Montojo
Cytoscape 3.0 developer

Marlon Pierce Marlon Pierce
Assistant Director, Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute
Chris Weaver

Chris Weaver
Assistant Professor, Computer Science, University of Oklahoma

Interested but cannot attend

No Image Anton Astafiev
Doctoral Assistant, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Bruce W. Herr II

Bruce W. Herr II
CTO, ChalkLabs

Dan Marcus Dan Marcus
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology, Department of Psychology, Washington University in St. Louis
Christian Bizer Christian Bizer
Professor, Freie Universitat Berlin


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This effort is supported by the James S. McDonnell Foundation and the Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center at Indiana University.

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