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HuBMAP VCCF Postdoc (Apply by September 10, 2020)

Position Description

Using Data Science to Map the Entire Human Vasculature

Blood vessels are both the source of life for people, bringing oxygen and nutrients to all living cells, as well as pathways that lead to disease, including coagulopathies in COVID-19, vascular abnormalities in diabetes, and the spread of metastatic cancers. For 2000 years, scientists have been cataloging different parts of the vasculature, but no one has yet connected the dots to show the full network of vessels throughout the body. As a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering at Indiana University, Bloomington, you can be the first person in history to map the entire human vasculature using modern data science techniques! You will gain experience in using natural language processing to extract existing knowledge about the vascular system from the biomedical literature, mining biomolecular databases to obtain endothelial cell gene expression profiles, and creating interactive visualizations anatomical ontology graphs. This is a key part of an ambitious national effort to create a detailed map of all the cells within the human body—the NIH funded Human BioMolecular Atlas Program (HuBMAP).

The position is for 12 months initially and can start as soon as September 2020 (negotiable). The postdoctoral fellow should have a background in human anatomy or pathology, or related fields such as systems biology, cell biology, or radiology.

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