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“There have been radical changes in how people access, interact with, and create maps.” [about Summit]

ILS Professor Dr. Katy Börner will present the “Keynote on Data” address at the Cartographic Summit on the Future of Mapping.  The Summit will be held from February 8-10, 2016 at the ESRI Headquarters in Redlands, California.

Her talk is titled “Improving Data Visualization Literacy: How to Empower Anyone to Read and Make Visualizations.”

Börner comments: “In the information age, being able to “read and write” data visualizations is becoming as important as being able to read and write text. The tools we develop at CNS [Cyberinfrastructure for Network Science Center] are taught in the Information Visualization MOOC (IVMOOC) and they empower thousands to render data into insights.”

The Summit “will explore research, innovation, and strategic thinking to support cartographic needs as we move forward. The intent is to set a marker for understanding common challenges from a range of perspectives in and outside the traditional cartographic communities; to draw together different ways of thinking and working; and to build bridges across the many communities in the mapmaking and visualization fields.” [about Summit]

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