Open House


Each year, we invite our friends, colleagues and invited to join us for two hours of enlightening talks, hands-on demos, snacks and drinks! We work hard to make our Open House a fun and educational soirée. Guests are free to roam about, explore our visualizations, enjoy snacks and drinks, and of course ask questions!

Click the image on the right to see the 2012 invitation, which contains more pictures and information about the year's visualizations, publications, tools, and Places & Spaces Mapping Science exhibits.

Details about our 2013 Open House will be available in the fall. If you can't make it to the Open House in person, you will be able to connect live via Adobe Connect or Skype.



Robert Light

Senior Systems Analyst/DB Admin

Scholarly Database


Samuel Mills

Senior Graphic Designer

AcademyScope Interactive Visualization


Todd Theriault

Exhibit Curator

Exhibit and Illuminated Diagram


Scott Weingart

SLIS Ph.D. Student, Liaison with History & Philosophy of Science

Mapping the Republic of Letters


Michael D. Conover

Complex Systems, School of Informatics and Computing

The Communication Geography of Occupy Wall Street


Chin Hua Kong

Systems Architect/Project Manager

Online Interactive Maps and VIVO


Ted Polley

Research & Editorial Assistant

Network Workbench & Community Wiki


Dr. Dowman P. Varn

Postdoctoral Fellow

Modelling Competition and Cooperation Between Scientists


Angela Zoss

SLIS Ph.D. Student

Relation between Disciplinary Background and Interpretation of Network Visualizations


Peter Hook

SLIS Ph.D. Student

Changes in the Law School Course Canon


Edited Books

Special Journal Issue

Journal Papers, Conference Papers & Book Chapters


  • JSMF Workshop on Artists Envision Science & Technology. Washington, DC. Organizers: Katy Börner and JD Talasek. October 17-18, 2011.
  • JSMF Workshop on Science Maps in Education. Bloomington, Indiana. Organizer: Katy Börner. November 17-18, 2011.
  • Third Annual VIVO Conference. Miami, FL. Organizers: VIVO Consortium. August 22-24, 2012.


Visit the Places & Spaces website for more information and join us at the official Places & Spaces Facebook page for more exciting scimaps and fun!


NARCIS: Network of Experts and Knowledge Organizations in the Netherlands, for Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS), Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), by Linda Reijnhoudt, Michael J. Stamper, Katy Börner, Chris Baars, and Andrea Scharnhorst.


Mendeley's Evolving Network of Expertise and Knowledge, 2011 Mendeley Binary Battle, by Chin Hua Kong, Katy Börner, and Michael J. Stamper.



  • Modeling the Structure and Evolution of Scholarly Knowledge. James S. McDonnell Foundation grant in area Studying Complex Systems (Katy Börner & Robert L. Goldstone, $361,956) 2009.01.01 - 2014.12.31.
  • EpiC: A Cyberinfrastructure That Supports the Plug-and-Play of Datasets and Algorithms Needed for the Study and Analysis of Epidemic Processes. NIH R21DA024259 award (Steven J. Sherman, Alessandro Vespignani, Katy Börner, $315,803 of $1,193,761) 2007.09.01 - 2013.03.31.
  • TLS: Towards a Macroscope for Science Policy Decision Making. NSF SBE-0738111 award (Katy Börner, Weixia Huang, Kevin Boyack, $404,870) 2008.01.01 - 2011.12.31.
  • Mapping the Emergence and Development of Scientific Disciplines. James S. McDonnell Foundation grant in area 21st Century Science-Special Initiative/Studying Complex Systems (Katy Börner, $364,787) 2009.01.01 - 2014.01.01.
  • Informatics Infrastructure for Vector-Based Neuroanatomical Atlases. NIH 5R01MH079068-02 award (Gully APC Burns, ISI/University of Southern California PD/PI, Richard Thompson, University of Southern California Co-PD/PI, Larry Swanson, University of Southern California, David Newman, University of California Irvine, Seth Ruffins, UCLA, Katy Börner, Indiana University, $249,465 of $1,629,141) 2009.06.01 - 2014.01.31.
  • The National Research Network: VIVO: Enabling National Networking of Scientists. NIH U24RR029822 award (Michael Conlon, UF, Jon Corson-Rikert, Cornell University, Katy Börner, Indiana University, $958,608 of $12,300,000) 2009.09.01 - 2011.08.31.
  • Faculty mentor for Mapping the International Evolution of Collaboration Networks on Patents Granted to Universities around the World. NSF SES-0925915 award (Margaret Clements, $239,642) 2009.09.01 - 2012.08.31.
  • Sourcing the Experts: Distributed Social Networks for Privacy-Aware Knowledge Sharing. 2010 CACR Internal Research Grant (Apu Kapadia, Katy Börner, Johan Bollen, Filippo Menczer, $19,998 of $50,000) 2010.07.01 - 2013.10.31.
  • Scaling Philanthropy: Providing New Insight About Million Dollar Gifts. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Award (Patrick Rooney, Una O. Osili, $55,035 of $753,474) 2010.08.01 - 2013.07.31.
  • A Journal-Driven Bibliography of Digital Humanities. NEH Award (Subcontract to Brown University, $9,740) 2011.01.01 - 2013.06.30.
  • Monitoring, Modeling, and Forecasting Tools for Fostering an Innovative S&T Workforce. NIH U01 award (Katy Börner, Indiana University, & James P. Crutchfield, UC Davis, $756,346 of $1,113,400) 2011.09.15 - 2015.08.15.
  • Digging by Debating: Linking Massive Datasets to Specific Arguments: Digging Into Data. NEH Award (Colin Allen and Katy Börner, Indiana University, Bloomington, NEH; Andrew Ravenscroft, University of East London, Chris Reed, University of Dundee, and David Bourget, University of London, AHRC/ESRC/JISC, $62,500 of $125,000) 2012.04.01 - 2013.06.30.
  • Gene Therapy. NIH/CTSI Core Funding (Katy Börner, Indiana University, Bloomington, $10,500) 2011.09.01 - 2012.03.31.
  • Introducing the Science of Science (Sci2) Tool to the BBSRC Policy Evidence Team. BBSRC Award (Katy Börner, Indiana University, Bloomington, $9,343) 2012.03.19 - 2012.09.18
  • Platform for the Analysis and Visualization of Science Data. NIH/NETE Award (Katy Börner, Indiana University, Bloomington, $49,450) 2011.09.01 - 2012.03.31
  • SEAD Sustainable Environment through Actionable Data. NSF DataNet (Katy Börner, Indiana University, Bloomington, $393,951 of $3,583,839) 2011.10.01 - 2013.09.30.
  • Pathways: Sense-Making of Big Data. NSF Award (Katy Börner, Indiana University, Bloomington, $165,084 of $250,000) 2012.07.15 - 2014.06.30.


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