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Want to see science from above? Curious to see what impact one single person or invention can have? Or are you simply fascinated by maps? Visit Places & Spaces: Mapping Science, an exhibition aiming to demonstrate the power of maps to navigate and make sense of physical places and abstract topic spaces. The exhibit is open during library hours in the Art Gallery and Atrium of Monroe County Public Library through May 30.

The public is invited to join the Opening Reception, Friday, May 4, 4-6 p.m. It will feature a welcome by MCPL director Cynthia Gray and IU officials, and a popular-science talk on "The Story of Science Maps" by Dr. Katy Börner.

Come explore 20 large-format, high-resolution maps that demonstrate the power of maps for navigating and managing mankind's collective scholarly knowledge. See where science gets done, how the different areas of science interrelate, and how knowledge diffuses in geospatial and topic space by playing with the interactive Illuminated Diagram display.

Discover zones of inventions and patenting activity while spinning the beautiful and informative Worldprocessor globes.

Solve the hands-on science map puzzle by placing major scientists, inventors and inventions at their proper places on a world map and on a map of science. Look for the many hints hidden in the beautiful paintings to find the perfect place for each puzzle piece. Participate in our kids drawing contest and send us a picture and story of your favorite scientist or science experiment.

The display at Monroe County Public Library features the first two-out-of-ten iterations of the Places & Spaces exhibition entitled The Power of Maps and The Power of Reference Systems. Also shown are an Illuminated Diagram display by W. Bradford Paley, Kevin Boyack, John Burgoon, Peter Kennard, and Richard Klavans, and Worldprocessor globes by Ingo Günther and hands-on science maps for kids with paintings by Fileve Palmer. Beginning May 18, the exhibit will also include illustrations of science by the winners of our Kids Drawing Contest.

Visit http://scimaps.org/exhibitions/mcpl to learn more.

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