Current Team


Bruce W. Herr II

Technical Director

Office: Luddy Hall 4028
E-mail: ude.anaidni@rrehb

B.S., Computer Science - Indiana University, Bloomington, IN (2004)

I rejoined CNS in November 2017 after nearly 10 years in the software industry. I picked up my data analysis, visualization, and extensible software chops when I was originally at the IV Lab and CNS from 2004 to 2008. Then in the software industry, I learned about professional software development, serving clients, managing software teams, and generally learning how to excel in all aspects of software development. As part of CNS, I am providing my years of knowledge in data analysis and visualization, software architecture & design, and management experience to help CNS excel as a research center providing solid and innovative software.

I enjoy spending time with my little family, playing D&D, following technology trends, hiking, and staring at walls (meditation).

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