Katy Börner & Yuezheng Zhou: A Software Repository for Education and Research in Information Visualization. Information Visualisation Conference, London, England,
July 25-27, pp. 257-262, 2001.

A Software Repository for Education and Research
in Information Visualization

Katy Börner
Indiana University, SLIS
10th Street & Jordan Avenue
Bloomington, IN. 47405 USA
E-mail: katy@indiana.edu

Yuezheng Zhou
Indiana University, Computer Science
Bloomington, IN 47405 USA
E-mail: yuzhou@cs.indiana.edu


This paper argues for the creation of a software repository for research and education in information visualization (IV). It starts with an introduction and overview of IV online resources and software repositories. Next, we introduce the code repository we created and demonstrate how it was used in the IV course one of the authors teaches. Sample implementations by students are presented as well. We conclude with a discussion of ways to grow and maintain the software repository and invite contributions.

The main software repository web page is accessible at http://ella.slis.indiana.edu/~katy/L697/code/.

This Web page provides access to the color figures. Click here to retrieve the pdf version of this paper.

Figure 1:  The Personalized Stock Tracker interface by Larry Mongin & Steve Rice

Figure 2: Visualizing the Class Inheritance Hierarchy of The Hyperbolic Tree by Ying Feng

Figure 3:  SLIS Student Academic Career Viewer by Jason Baumgartner & Tim Waugh
An online demo of the interface is linked from

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