Katy Börner & Yu-Chen Lin: A Software Repository for Education and Research in Information Visualization. Information Visualisation Conference, London, England,
July 25-27, pp. 257-262, 2001.

Visualizing Chat Log Data Collected in 3-D Virtual Worlds

Katy Börner & Yu-Chen Lin
Indiana University, SLIS
10th Street & Jordan Avenue
Bloomington, IN. 47405 USA
E-mail: {katy, yclin}@indiana.edu


The paper reports work in progress on the analysis and visualization of chat log data collected in 3-dimensional (3-D) virtual worlds. In particular, it presents an analysis and visualization of six log files containing chat utterances from 32 people that attended a demonstration of different learning environments in a 3-D virtual world. We start with an introduction and a review of research in ‘social visualization’. Subsequently, we introduce the 3-D online browser technology used and present the analysis and discussion of chat log data. The paper concludes with a discussion and an outlook.

This Web page provides access to the color figures.  Click here to retrieve the pdf version of this paper.

Figure 1:  The 3-D AW interface

Figure 2: A 2-D overview map of iUni

Figure 4: Unique and duplicate chat utterances

Figure 5: Number, lengths and type of unique chat utterances

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