Current Team

Vrinda Mathur

Research Assistant

Office: 4025D
E-mail: ude.ui@htamrv

Bachelor's of Science in Statistics form Delhi University in India in 2018. MS in Data Science from Indiana University Bloomington in 2021.

I completed my Master's degree in Data Science in May 2021. I am simultaneously remotely working as an intern for a customer support intelligence company in California, where as a team we are trying to improve and automate the customer support process as much as possible. As graduate student I was a Teaching Assistant for Elements of Artificial Intelligence and Data Visualization taught at Luddy.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking (while I love numbers and metrics, I am not a huge fan of ingredient proportions). I love to travel with my friends and try to find ways to spend my weekends out of my home as much as I can.

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