Current Team

Rohith Venkata Reddy

Angular Developer

E-mail: ude.ui@ihor

I am currently a graduate data science student at Luddy SICE. I pursued my undergraduate degree in computer engineering from B.N.M. Institute of Technology, Karnataka, India in the year 2020.

After pursuing my undergrad, I joined NEC India, a company providing solutions for Public Safety, Aviation, and many more. I joined as a Full Stack Developer. My role was to develop the front-end of different Web projects. I worked on Backend and DevOps too for some time. In my free time, I was exploring Machine Learning. After which I started to work in Data Visualization and then began my Journey to pursue master's in data science.

I am interested in technology, and so spend most of my time knowing the unexplored part of it. Also, I like to spend a lot of time watching movies, listening to music, cooking, and exploring new places.

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