Current Team

Jashjeet Singh Madan

Graduate Researcher

E-mail: ude.ui@nadamsj

Pursuing Master of Science in Data Science, Indiana University Bloomington (Expected Graduation year-2021) Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science (Graduation year-2016)

I'm currently working as a Graduate Researcher at Indiana University, under professor Katy Börner and Yingnan Ju. I'm learning to use advanced data modeling and transformation techniques to derive insights from molecular and cellular data. This requires connecting existing computer vision algorithms and bioinformatics with deep learning techniques to identify patterns. I'm also interning as a Machine Learning engineer, where I get to work with NLP data and build NER models using BERT and spaCy. With over 2 years of working experience in Tata Consultancy Services, I've worked on the designing and modifying databases for advanced applications in Sales, Legal, and Finance, following the International Finance Revenue Standards (IFRS). I have excellent command over data reporting and analysis tools, including Python, SQL, Informatica, Tableau, SAP BO, and SAP HANA.

I love cycling and have taken it up again recently. Being an avid rider, I've traveled most of the places in India on my motorbike. I'm an introvert person, but I'm always open to trying out new things. I'm a self-proclaimed anime fan and have been watching anime since I was 6-7. I love watching good movies, not limited by language barriers or country of origin; however, I'm not really fond of popcorn movies. If you'd like to attach one of the seven sins to my name, then the best one would be sloth. Next, I look forward to a solo trip along the PCT.

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