Current Team

Darshal Shetty

Research Assistant

Office: Luddy Hall 4999
E-mail: ude.ui@yttehscd

I am currently a graduate computer science student at Luddy SICE. I completed my undergraduate degree in computer engineering at Mumbai university in the year 2017.

Before joining IU in spring 2021, I worked as a web developer for three and a half years at an internet advertising company called My work involved mostly back-end web development, but I also developed a few web-based user interfaces for my back-end projects. I have also worked on building and managing big data processing pipelines and developing real-time visualization for that data.

I am interested in learning about programming language theory and reasoning about the correctness of programs using functional programming and type systems. In my free time, I like to play video games. My favorite genre of video games are RPGs, strategy games, and roguelikes. I also like to explore fun and unique gameplay mechanics in both video games and board games.

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