Current Team

Abhiroop Kommalapati

Research Assistant

E-mail: ude.ui@alammoka

MS in Computer Science, Luddy SICE, Indiana University Bloomington (Current). B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education, Hyderabad

I am a Research Assistant – Machine Learning at CNS. My research interests lie in statistical learning, computer vision and image processing for medical applications, generative modeling, and explainable AI. Most recently, I worked as a Computer Vision Consultant at Segmind and prior to that as a Machine Learning Engineer at Onward Assist for 2 years. At Onward, I delivered on a multitude of research projects leveraging computer vision and related technologies to Pathology and Radiology.

In my spare time, I like to read (both fiction and non-fiction). I also like to create art, with an increasing interest in digital art. I like to play video games with gripping storylines as well.

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